Fraternal Supply

​Turnaround time currently is Approximately

  3 weeks from the date of submission. Orders are cut in the chronological order in which they are received, and Deadline dates aren't accepted this time of year. 


Here are namebadges that everyone will admire. Our Slip-On badges slide over a shirt pocket without pins or clips, thus not doing damage to the fabric. I also make flats with a fastener, for those who don't wear shirts with a pocket. 

Organizations use namebadges as a unique I.D. Not only for identification of their members at normal meetings, but also for group outings, conventions, trips, ect. It i especially good for large gatherings where some members might not be well known. Really good if you are like me, and meet so many people at one time that you cannot recall the name of the person you met five minutes ago.

    The smallest order I fill is one...So why not try one? Then compare it for craftsmanship, appearance, and cost. Being a one man, one machine operation, you can be assured of a quality product.

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         Every organization needs namebadges.