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   You can also print out a form to fill in and mail in, or Fax it in, if that works better for you, just use the button below for a pdf file of a form.

Our Fax number is 804-790-1566

Our mailing address is:

PO Box 1780

Chesterfield, VA 23832

When I hit SUBMIT on the Order Form, it gives an error message, OR the button is unresponsive.

I am a one man, one machine operation. If I jump and answer the phone each time, Badges would not get done. Also, the machines are so loud, I wear shooting earmuffs and can't hear the phone. So,, that's why you usually get the answering machine. I do check the machine multiple times a day.

How do I know if the order went through?

​There are no accounts by Council, Assembly or Organization. ALL accounts are Personal accounts. If you have not personally signed up for one under your name, then you do not have one. You may contact us to find out the criteria for establishing one at 804-790-1566 M-F 9am-4pm EST.

No. We do not sell loose bulk emblems. Extra loose emblems may be purchased at the time of namebadge order. Limit qty of loose emblems is 4 at the time of badge purchase.

When the submit button is used and the order is transmitted to me, It goes to a page that says "Thank You, your order has been submitted" and has contact information. This lets you know the order went through. No confirmation emails are sent.

Why can't I just call and give you the names over the phone?

Why is it so hard to get you on the telephone?

​Can I get a Parody badge made for a joke?

​How do I know if my Council, Assembly or Organization has a 30 Day Credit Account?

Why can't I print the order form before I submit it?

After a lifetime of competition shotgun and rifle shooting, my hearing has pretty much been destroyed. So for accuracy reasons, use either the Online form, or use the printable pdf form and mail or fax it to me. Absolutely NO orders will be taken over the phone.

There is no instructions on the order form.

Fraternal Supply

Hover your cursor over the blank box. Instructions will appear.

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On Windows, Internet Explorer cuts off the right-side of pages. On both platforms, Firefox also cuts off the right-side of pages, while Chrome baulks and displays a "Print preview failed" error. On Macs, Safari prints blank pages. I have communicated with GoDaddy, and they had no answer for me.

​No. Nothing will be made that can put the Organization in a bad light, or could be considered obscene, or wind up in a P.R. nightmare for the Organization. I realize some attempts at humor is not meant with any harm, but we try to maintain a Organization's dignity. Sorry.

​Can I just buy a bulk quantity of emblems alone?